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In our museum we want to give you an impression of the etnic and primitive mediums of exchange and payment that were used in the former Dutch East Indies. We have exhibited these mediums of exchange and payment together with all kind of objects that were used in close relation with this "money".

Besides the ethnographic monies and the domestic currencies we show we you all kinds of objects that were meant to be used as money. These mostly concern so-called ADAT payments.

To these payments belong:
• Parts of bride treasures (Mas kawin) or clearer said payment from
  both the bride and the groom.  
• The payments for dead, mourning and burial gifts.
• Fines and compensation payments.
• War booty, war payments and war contributions. e.g. hunted heads,
   women and slaves (these last 3 are not exhibited)

Furthermore you will find among our collection:
• Private money of the plantations  
• Various types of silver dollars ("real boelat"=round reaal) that were in circulation in the Dutch East Indies
• Money used during the Japanese occupation.  
• Money used the prisoners of war- and concentrationcamps during WW 2.  
• The first money of the Republic of Indonesia, (the so-called ORI money - Oeang Republik Indonesia)  
• A collection of wajang puppets (Kulit - Golek - Klitik - Topeng)  
• Dutch Indies shares, securities, drafts etc.

In the museumshop you have the possibility without any obligation to buy all kind of art and artwork.
Also we remain supplier of original copper coins of the Vereenigde Oostindische Company and other currencies of Dutch East Indies, Dutch India and Ceylon.